Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Flicker #1

Hi all ................................... :)

Due to some unexpected technical problems, the original post had to be removed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Yes, u missed the flicker.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Black Hole Implodes

Finally, another post!
First of all, Congratulations to me! After many years of hard work and trickery, I have earned myself a follower. And hence the new post. This post is dedicated to her, who fell in my trap.

Okay, so what am i gonna write tonight? These days,  I've been consuming a lot more alcohol than usual. So, as expected, a lot of things on my mind. But nothing worth documenting. So I'll leave this post to be a torch bearer. Hopefully for better things to come. But, why do I feel that whatever I want to say has already been said? Weird....

Saturday, January 24, 2009

What's it with the title?

So here I am, thinking hard about what to write in my first post, waiting for the bulb to flicker! Since nothing in particular is coming into my mind, let me post the reason for choosing this name for the blog. Well, the reason is.... availability of the name. I would have liked to have some other name, but then so many geniuses are in this cyber world that practically there's no chance that any good name was available for the taking. What I wanted for my blog's name was something that describes the way my brain works. Intermittent, discontinuous, incoherant, broken. Hey wait, that seems to be a good title. 'BrokenThoughts'. But alas! Somebody beat me to it! And that person doesn't seem to be using it. What a shame. So I started pondering again, with my broken thoughts going from one name to another. 'jigsawmind', 'broken mirror', etc etc.... Finally I got 'theflickeringbulb', which sounded both funny and meaningful(for me). So even though it was not my first choice, I decided to keep this name for my first weblog. And by the time I finished creating the title image, I have to admit that I feel lucky that this name occured to me. Ok, so much for my first post. If you are reading this line, I would feel that my first post is not a total waste. I'll keep posting. You keep reading. Cheers!
(Now let me see how this looks when i publish it)